ENspire intro

I have long been wondering what else I could do with all my experience in education as well as being a mum of three beautiful kids, an older sister of three fantastic siblings, a caring friend of a number of precious people as well as a loving and loyal partner of a gorgeous guy and now I feel I’ve come up with a possible goal.

On the one hand, I’m deeply passionate about English as a Second Language and I live this passion daily – fortunately, this is my job: to help people become more advanced speakers and users of English.

On the other hand, I’ve always been interested in and touched by feminine issues and stories: growing as women, having different female roles in life like giving, nurturing, taking care and sharing, understanding the nature of female beauty, understanding the nature of love and what we expect from it as women, expressing ourselves as women and also challenging ourselves as women.

I’ve come across the Netflix series The Bold Type and I really feel it is motivational and inspiring enough to write about and also to learn English with. Consequently, this is what I’m trying to do in the next couple of weeks: combine feminine issues with ESL learning and see if I can get inspired and also inspiring enough to continue.

The posts are intended to appear weekly and comments are obviously welcome – if and only if they keep to a high level of politeness and intelligence without being offensive, political or aggressive. Thanks in advance! Please also note that this is not a blog to promote, advertise or sell any product.

Let’s get started!

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